Black Bay Peninsula

Black Bay Peninsula is a volcanic peninsula in Unorganized Thunder Bay District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, located on the North Shore of Lake Superior.[1][2] It separates Black Bay and Nipigon Bay[3] and consists of over 300 flood basalt lava flows.[4] Porphyry Island, an island entirely encompassed within Porphyry Island Provincial Park, lies off the tip of the peninsula.[4] A 49-square-kilometre (19 sq mi) portion of the peninsula has been set aside as the Black Bay Peninsula Enhanced Management Area.[5]

Black Bay Peninsula
Map showing the location of Black Bay Peninsula
Map showing the location of Black Bay Peninsula
LocationThunder Bay, Unorganized, Ontario
Coordinates48°38′08″N 88°16′44″W / 48.63556°N 88.27889°W / 48.63556; -88.27889Coordinates: 48°38′08″N 88°16′44″W / 48.63556°N 88.27889°W / 48.63556; -88.27889
Length55 km (34 mi)
Width25 km (16 mi)


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