The Black-Yellow Alliance (German: Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz, SGA) is a monarchist movement in Austria founded on 6 August 2004. Their aim is the restoration of monarchy in Austria as well as a Central European monarchic union of the states which have emerged after the dissolution of Austria-Hungary.

Black-Yellow Alliance
Die Monarchisten – Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz
LeaderNicole Fara
Founded6 August 2004
HeadquartersJohannes-Filzer-Str. 12/16
A-1010 Salzburg
Student wingBlack Yellow students
Political positionCentre-right
ColoursBlack, Yellow
Flag of the Habsburg monarchy and the Austrian Empire (used c. 1700–1867)
Scope of the new empire by SGA plan (Same as CEDC)

History edit

After more than 800 years of rule of the House of Habsburg, the Austrian monarchy ended after the Entente Powers won World War I, and a republic was introduced. The Black-Yellow Alliance was established by a group of monarchists from different organizations in 2004.[1][2]

The Black-Yellow Alliance calls for the reintroduction of a hereditary monarchy in Central Europe and advocates a union of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia, united under a common emperor.[1]

Leaders edit

  • The president of the organization was tourism school professor Dr. Helga Vereno until 6 December 2013(?).[3]
  • As of 2017, the chairperson of the party is Nicole Fara.[4]

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