Bjørnsletta station (1942–2006)

Bjørnsletta was a station on the Kolsås Line (line 6) of the Oslo Metro in Norway. Located between Åsjordet and Lysakerelven stations in the Ullern borough, Bjørnsletta was—along with Frøen—the only station on the subway network lacking step-free access to the platforms.[1] The station was opened on 15 June 1942 when the line from Sørbyhaugen to Jar had been completed.[2][3] Along with most of the line, Bjørnsletta was closed for upgrades on 1 July 2006; passenger service was temporarily provided by bus line 43.[4] The area around Bjørnsletta is mainly residential. When the renovation was finished on 17 August 2010, Bjørnsletta and Lysakerelven were replaced by a new station, also named Bjørnsletta, which was placed in the middle of them.

Gamle Bjørnsletta stasjon - 2006.jpg
Old Bjørnsletta Station in 2006
LocationUllern, Oslo
Coordinates59°55′38″N 10°38′25″E / 59.927109°N 10.640259°E / 59.927109; 10.640259Coordinates: 59°55′38″N 10°38′25″E / 59.927109°N 10.640259°E / 59.927109; 10.640259
Elevation81.3 m (267 ft)
Line(s)Kolsås Line
Distance7.8 km (4.8 mi)
Structure typeAt-grade
Opened15 June 1942


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