List of bishops, prince-bishops, and administrators of Minden

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This list records the bishops of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Minden (German: Bistum Minden), a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Cologne, who were simultaneously rulers of princely rank (prince-bishop) in the Prince-Bishopric of Minden (German: Hochstift Minden; est. 1180 and secularised in 1648), a state of imperial immediacy within the Holy Roman Empire. Minden was the seat of the chapter, the cathedral and residence of the bishops until 1305, Petershagen became the prince-episcopal residence since.

Coat-of-arms of the Prince-Bishopric of Minden

Titles of the incumbents of the Minden SeeEdit

In 1180 part of the Minden diocesan territory were disentangled from the Duchy of Saxony and became an own territory of imperial immediacy called Prince-Bishopric of Minden, a vassal of the Holy Roman Empire. The prince-bishopric was an elective monarchy, with the monarch being the respective bishop usually elected by the Minden Cathedral chapter, and confirmed by the Holy See, or exceptionally only appointed by the Holy See. Papally confirmed bishops were then invested by the emperor with the princely regalia, thus the title prince-bishop. However, sometimes the respective incumbent of the see never gained a papal confirmation, but was still invested the princely regalia. Also the opposite occurred with a papally confirmed bishop, never invested as prince. A number of incumbents, elected by the chapter, neither achieved papal confirmation nor imperial investiture, but as a matter of fact nevertheless de facto held the princely power. Between about 1555 to 1631 all incumbents were Lutherans. The respective incumbents of the see bore the following titles:

  • Bishop of Minden until 1180
  • Prince-Bishop of Minden from 1180 to 1554 and again 1631 to 1648
  • Administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Minden 1566 to 1630 and again 1631 to 1645. Either simply de facto replacing the Prince-Bishop or lacking canon-law prerequisites the incumbent of the see would officially only hold the title administrator (but nevertheless colloquially referred to as Prince-Bishop).

Catholic Bishops of Minden till 1180Edit

Roman Catholic Bishops of Minden till 1180
Episcopate Portrait Name Birth and death
with places
Reason for
end of office
803–813 Erkanbert
also Ercumbert, Herkumbert, Herumbert
Gollachgau (near Würzburg), *unknown – 7 June 830*, Minden resigned? saint, feast day: 7 June
813–853 Hardward *unknown – 16 September 853*, Minden death saint, feast day: 13 April
853–880 Theoderic
as Dietrich I
*unknown – 2 February 880*, near Ebstorf killed in action martyr, saint, feast day: 2 February
880–886 Wulfhar
also: Wulfar or Wolfer
*unknown – 15 September 886*, Minden killed by invasors
886–887 sede vacante
887–902 Drogo *unknown – 5 June 902* death
902–905 Adalbert
905–914 Bernard
914–927 Lothair
927–950 Ebergisl
950–958 Helmward
958–969 Landward
969–996 Milo
996–1002 Ramward
1002–1022 Dietrich
as Dietrich II
1022–1036 Siegbert
also: Sigebert
*unknown – 1036* death
1037–1055 Bruno of Waldeck
(House of Waldeck)
*c. 1000 – 10 February 1055* death
1055–1080 Egilbert Bavaria, *unknown – 3 December 1080* death
1080–1089 Reinward
1080–1096 Volkmar
1089–1097 Ulrich
1097–1112 Gottschalk
and again 1113–1119
also Witelo, Wylo
*unknown – 28 December 1119* death as anti-bishop repressed in 1105, unrivalled in office since 1113
1120–1140 Sigward
also: Siegward
*unknown – 1140* death
1140–1153 Henry Cuno
as Henry I
1153–1170 Werner Bückeburg, *unknown – 1170* death celebrated the marriage of Henry the Lion and Matilda of England, Plantagenêt
1170–1185 Anno of Landsberg *unknown – 1185* death

Catholic Prince-Bishops (1180–1554)Edit

Roman Catholic Prince-Bishops of Minden (1180-1554)
Reign and episcopate Portrait Name Birth and death
with places
Reason for
end of office
1170–1185 Anno of Landsberg *unknown – 1185* death
1185–1206   Thietmar
also: Thiemo, modernised: Dietmar
Bavaria, *unknown – 5 March 1206* death saint, feast day: 5 March
1206–1209 Henry
as Henry II
*unknown – 30 July 1209* death
1209–1236 Conrad of Rüdenberg
also: of Diepholz
as Conrad I
*unknown – 26 June 1236* death
1236–1242 William of Diepholz
as William I
(Counts of Diepholz)
*unknown – 2 May 1242* death brother of the next
1242–1253 John of Diepholz
(Counts of Diepholz)
*c. 1175 – 13 January 1253* death brother of the former
1253–1261 Wedekind of Hoya
as Wedekind I
(Counts of Hoya)
*unknown – 1261* death son of Henry II, Count of Hoya
1261–1266 Cuno
1266–1275 Otto
as Otto I
Stendal, *unknown – 1275*
1275–1293 Volkwin of Schwalenberg *c. 1240/1245 – 4 May 1293*, death brother of Ludolph's brother's or sister's spouse
1293–1295 Conrad of Wardenberg
as Conrad II
*unknown – 1295* death
1295–1304 Ludolph of Rostorf
also: Rosdorf
Hardenberg, *c. 1240–1304*, Minden death brother of Volkwin's brother's or sister's spouse
through his sister Jutta granduncle of the next
1304–1324 Godfrey of Waldeck
(House of Waldeck)
*c. 1255/1260 – 14 May 1324* death brother of Adolf II of Waldeck; by his granduncle's wife also grandnephew of Ludolph
moved the prince-episcopal residence to Petershagen castle
1324–1346 Louis of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Lunenburg
(House of Welf)
*c. 1300 – 18 July 1346*, Walsrode death son of Otto the Strict
1346–1353 Gerard of Schauenburg
as Gerard I
(House of Schaumburg)
*unknown – 1 January 1353* death son of Adolphus VI, Count of Schauenburg and Holstein-Pinneberg
1353–1361 Dietrich Kagelwit also Kugelweit, Dietrich of Portitz
as Dietrich III
Stendal, *c. 1300 – 17 December 1367 became Prince-Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1361 (as Dietrich I) before Bishop of Schleswig (1351–1353)
1361–1366 Gerard of Schaumburg
as Gerard II
(House of Schaumburg)
*unknown – 25 September 1366* son of Adolphus VII, Count of Schauenburg and Holstein-Pinneberg[1]
1366–1368 Otto of Wettin
also: of Golßen
as Otto II
(House of Wettin)
*unknown – 16 July 1368* death son of Otto, Burgrave of Wettin and Golßen
1369–1383 Wedekind of Schalksberg
also: Wittekind vom Berge
as Wedekind II
*unknown – 1383* death son of Wedekind IV, Lord of Schalksberg
1384–1397 Otto of Schalksberg
also: vom Berge
as Otto III
*unknown – 1 January 1398* resigned last heir of the Lordship of Schalksberg, which he bequeathed to the Minden see; son of Wedekind IV, Lord of Schalksberg
1397–1398 Gerard of Hoya
as Gerard III
(Counts of Hoya)
1398 Marquard of Randegg
also: Randeck
*unknown – 28. December 1406* became Prince-Bishop of Constance in 1398 nephew of Patriarch Marquard of Randeck
1398–1402 William of Buchen
as William II
1402–1403 sede vacante
1403–1406 Otto of Rietberg
as Otto IV
*unknown – 1406* death son of Otto II, Count of Rietberg
1406–1436 Wilbrand of Hallermund
also: Wulbrand
*? – 23 December 1436* death before prince-Abbot of Corvey Abbey (1398–1406), last heir of the County of Hallermund, son of Wilbrand, Count of Hallermund,
1436–1473 Albert of Hoya
German: Albrecht
(Counts of Hoya)
son of Eric I, Count of Hoya
1473–1508 Henry of Schauenburg
as Henry III
(House of Schaumburg)
son of Otto II, Count of Schauenburg and Holstein-Pinneberg
1508–1529 Francis of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
as Francis I
(House of Welf)
*1492 – 25 November 1529*, Wolfenbüttel death son of Henry IV
1530–1553   Francis of Waldeck
as Francis II
(House of Waldeck)
Sparrenberg Castle, *1491 – 15 July 1553*, Wolbeck (a part of today's Minden) death also Prince-Bishop of Münster (1532–1553) and of Osnabrück


1553–1554   Julius of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Wolfenbüttel
(House of Welf)
Wolfenbüttel, *29 June 1528 – 3 May 1589*, Wolfenbüttel resigned, became heir to the Principality of Wolfenbüttel Prince of Wolfenbüttel (1568–1589) and of Calenberg (1584–1589)

Lutheran Prince-Bishop and Administrators of the Prince-BishopricEdit

Lutheran Prince-Bishop and Administrators of the Prince-Bishopric (1554–1631)
Reign and episcopate Portrait Name Birth and death
with places
Reason for
end of office
1554–1566 George of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Wolfenbüttel
(House of Welf)
*22 November 1494 – 4 December 1566*, Verden upon Aller death elected by the Minden chapter and papally confirmed bishop, turned Lutheran and thus later acceding only as administrator (lacking papal confirmation) of the Bremen and Verden sees (1558–1566)
1566–1582 Hermann of Schauenburg
(House of Schaumburg)
*1545–1592* son of Otto IV of Schaumburg
1582–1585   Henry Julius of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Wolfenbüttel
(House of Welf)
Hessen am Fallstein,
*15 October 1564 – 20 July 1613*, Prague
resigned, became Prince of Calenberg and of Wolfenbüttel in 1589 also administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Halberstadt (1566–1613)
1585–1587 sede vacante
1587–1599 Anthony of Schauenburg
(House of Schaumburg)
*1549–1599* death son of Otto IV of Schaumburg
1599–1625   Christian of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Celle
(House of Welf)
*9 November 1566 – 8 November 1633* deposed as Christian the Elder also Prince of Lunenburg-Celle (1611–1633)
1625–1631 sede vacante

Catholic Prince-Bishop (1631–1648)Edit

Roman Catholic Prince-Bishop of Minden (1631–1648)
Reign and episcopate Portrait Name Birth and death
with places
Reason for
end of office
1631–1648   Francis of Wartenberg
as Francis III
*1 March 1593 –
1 December 1661*,
deposed by the Swedish conquerors papally appointed, lacking the capitular elective mandate
also Prince-Bishop of Osnabrück (1625–1634 and again 1648–1661), of Verden (1630–1631), of Ratisbon (1649–1661), and Vicar Apostolic of the Archdiocese of Bremen (1645/1648)
after 15 May 1648 The Prince-Bishopric was converted into a heritable monarchy, the Principality of Minden, ruled in personal union by the House of Hohenzollern in Brandenburg.

Auxiliary bishopsEdit



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