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The bishops' saga (Old Norse and modern Icelandic biskupasaga, modern Icelandic plural biskupasögur, Old Norse plural biskupasǫgur) is a genre of medieval Icelandic sagas, mostly thirteenth- and earlier fourteenth-century prose histories dealing with bishops of Iceland's two medieval dioceses of Skálholt and Hólar.


Sagas about Skálholt bishopsEdit

Two þættir are also relevant: Ísleifs þáttr biskups and Jóns þáttr Halldórssonar.

Sagas about Hólar bishopsEdit

Several of the Hólar sagas are associated with the North Icelandic Benedictine School which flourished in the fourteenth century.


  • The principal modern edition of these sagas is Biskupa sögur, Íslenzk fornrit, 15-17 (Reykjavík: Hið Íslenzka Fornritafélag, 2002-3).
  • Biskupa sögur. Volume 1. Kaupmannahöfn [Copenhagen]: Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag. 1858.
  • Biskupa sögur. Volume 2. Kaupmannahöfn [Copenhagen]: Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag. 1878.
  • A number of these sagas are edited and translated in Gudbrand Vigfusson; Powell, F. York (1905). Origines Islandicae: A collection of the more important sagas and other native writings relating to the settlement and early history of Iceland. Volume 1. Oxford: Clarendon Press.


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