Roman Catholic Diocese of Tragurium

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Tragurium, Ancient Latin name of a city in Dalmatia (coastal Croatia), now called Trogir, was a bishopric until 1829 and a Latin titular bishopric until 1933.[1][2]

  Diocese of Trogir in the 15th century


In 1050 Tragurium became the seat of a diocese also known as Traù (in curiate Italian) or Trogir in Croatian.

On 1 May 1298 it lost territory to establish the Diocese of Šibenik.

On 30 June 1828, the residential see was abolished by papal bull Locum Beati Petri, a Croatian dioceses reshuffle, which divided its territory over the then Roman Catholic Diocese of Split–Makarska and its own above daughter Šibenik.

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Since 1933 the bishopric was nominally restored and is on the Catholic Church's list of titular sees.[11]

It has had the following incumbents, all of the lowest (episcopal) rank :

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