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Roman Catholic Diocese of Tongeren

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The Diocese of Tongeren (and Maastricht) was an Ancient bishopric and Belgium, now a latin titular bishopric, in present Belgium.



In 344, it was established as Diocese of Tongeren on territory split off from the then Roman Catholic Diocese of Cologne (Köln, Germany). The traditional account makes Saint Servatius its founder.[1]

In 380 it was renamed as Diocese of Tongeren and Maastricht, acknowledging a secondary see (in the present Netherlands).

In 530 it was formally suppressed, its territory being used to establish the Diocese of Maastricht, which in turn was suppressed in 720 to establish the Diocese of Liège, but would be nominally revived (separately) in 1971 as a Latin titular see of episcopal rank.

Titular seeEdit

The diocese was nominally restored on 1969.05.30 as a Latin titular see of episcopal rank, with an exception of archiepiscopal rank.

It has had the following incumbents, after a long initial vacancy :


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