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Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham

The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is the diocesan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham in the Province of York.[1][2]

The diocese covers 847 square miles (2,190 km2) including the whole of Nottinghamshire and a small area of South Yorkshire. The see is in the town of Southwell where the seat is located at the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (also known as Southwell Minster), which was elevated to cathedral status in 1884. The bishop's residence is Bishop's Manor, Southwell[3] — in the minster precincts.

The diocese was created in 1884 under Queen Victoria. Until 2005 it was known simply by the name "Southwell"; Nottingham was added to the title in that year. The current bishop is Paul Williams, whose election was confirmed on 11 May 2015.[4] There are 314 church buildings in the Diocese.

The bishop is assisted by the suffragan Bishop of Sherwood, the current incumbent being Tony Porter.

List of bishopsEdit

Bishops of Southwell
From Until Incumbent Notes
1884 1904 George Ridding Formerly Headmaster of Winchester College
1904 1925 Edwyn Hoskyns Died in post.
1926 1928 Bernard Heywood Resigned in ill health; became an assistant bishop in York then Bishop suffragan of Hull and later Bishop of Ely
1928 1941 Henry Mosley Formerly Bishop of Stepney
1941 1964 Russell Barry
1964 1970 Gordon Savage Formerly Bishop of Buckingham
1970 1985 Denis Wakeling
1985 1988 Michael Whinney Formerly Bishop of Aston
1988 1999 Patrick Harris Formerly Bishop of Northern Argentina and Secretary of the Partnership for World Mission.
1999 2005 George Cassidy Enthroned 11 September 1999; See translated to "Southwell and Nottingham" in 2005.
Bishops of Southwell and Nottingham
From Until Incumbent Notes
2005 2009 George Cassidy
2010 20 January 2014[5] Paul Butler [6][7] Formerly Bishop of Southampton; translated to Durham on 20 January 2014.[5]
20 January 2014 9 April 2014 Tony Porter, Acting Bishop (Bishop suffragan of Sherwood)[8] Resigned commission due to ill health; remained as suffragan.[9]
9 April 2014 8 April 2015 Richard Inwood, Acting Bishop (honorary assistant bishop) Retired Bishop suffragan of Bedford.[9]
9 April 2015 11 May 2015 Tony Porter, Acting Bishop (Bishop suffragan of Sherwood) Following the expiration of Inwood's commission.[9]
11 May 2015 present Paul Williams Previously area Bishop of Kensington.

Assistant bishopsEdit

Among those called Assistant Bishop of Southwell:

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