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Biscuits Fossier is a Reims, France based manufacturer of biscuits, gingerbread, sweets and marsipan-based confectionery.

The tradition of baking goes back to 1430 in the city of Reims, with the foundation of the Guild of Baking. Around 1690, Champagne bakers created a recipe for enjoying the warm bread oven after baking bread, to create a sweet delicacy, from which the "bis-cuit 'of Reims" was born. In 1756, during the reign of Louis XV, the company was founded, and in 1775 the companies biscuits were present at the coronation of Louis XVI at Reims. The company subsequently became the supplier of biscuits to the King, and in 1825 received a diploma with the Royal seal of King Charles X, recognizing the quality of the biscuits.

In 1845, baker Mousier Fossier took over this main biscuit house of Reims, and he subsequently took over all mass-production based biscuit making in the city of the main types. Today, Biscuits Fossier employs over 100 people, making biscuits and confectionery.


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