Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni

Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni or simply known as Birbal[2] is a 2019 Indian Kannada-language crime thriller film written and directed by MG Srinivas.[3] The film is the first instalment of the Birbal Trilogy.The movie also marked the third character based trilogy in Kannada after CID 999 and Sangliyana.[4]

Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni
Birbal Trilogy Case 1- Finding Vajramuni poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMG Srinivas
Written byPrasanna VM (dialogues)
Screenplay byMG Srinivas
Produced byT. R. Chandrashekar
CinematographyBharat Parasuram
Edited bySrikanth Shroff
Music bySaurabh-Vaibhav
Crystal Park Cinemas
Distributed byCrystal Park Cinemas
BKG Films
Release date
  • 18 January 2019 (2019-01-18)
Running time
163 minutes[1]

Rukmini Vasanth made her debut as lead actress.[5] This movie introduced 8D song for the first time in Kannada. This was the first Kannada movie to use the Scribble effect. This was also the first time that VFX had been done in Canada for a Kannada film.[4][6][7] Its sequels are titled Birbal Trilogy Case No. 2: Avrn bitt, Ivrn bitt, Ivryaru? and Birbal Trilogy Case No. 3: Turremane.

The movie was praised for employing the Rashomon Effect in its story narration technique.[8] The movie is based on the 2017 Korean movie New Trial.[9] The Telugu remake of the film Thimmarusu released on 30 July 2021.[10][11] The movie was also reported to be remade in Tamil.[12][13]


One rainy midnight a cabdriver is murdered on the road, bartender (Vishnu) who was going home after work sees this and informs the police. But the Police arrests Vishnu as a culprit and create evidence against him. The court seeing the fabricated evidence gives him a life-Sentence.

After few years, young intelligent lawyer(Mahesh Das) joins the law-firm whose intention is to provide justice for the weaker section of society.

Mahesh chooses to take on Vishnu's case and wants to reopen the case, while Vishnu is on Parole.



Soundtrack album by
Saurabh Vaibhav and Kalacharan
StudioCrystal Park Cinemas
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelCrystal Music
Saurabh Vaibhav and Kalacharan chronology
Old Monk

Songs composed by Saurabh Vaibhav and Kalacharan and released under the label of Crystal Music[14]

Track listEdit

1."Birbal Title Track"Trilok TrivikramSaurabh VaibhavSaurabh Gupta2:44
2."Ragini Madam"Ajith Hedge Boppanalli
KalacharanSanjith Hegde4:06

Original soundtrack of the movie composed by Saurabh Vaibhav, Saurabh lokhande and released under label of Crystal Music.[15]

Original soundtrackEdit

1."Birbal theme"0:45
2."Mahesh Das alias Birbal"1:52
3."The Murderer"2:15
4."Butterfly effect"2:48
5."The Trap"4:33
6."Raghava theme"2:47
7."The Attack"1:13
8."Vajramuni theme"1:20
9."The witness"1:16
10."First Dimension theme"1:14
11."Second Dimension theme"1:40
12."Mahesh Das and Janhavi Love theme"2:01
13."The Vishnu's love theme"2:57
14."The Plot"0:53
15."Burqa theme"4:30
16."Vishnu vs Mahesh"1:49
17."Amogha Arrest"2:43
18."Freeze Scene"3:33
19."The Final Reveal"1:00
Total length:42:18


The movie released on 18 January 2019 and gained highly positive reviews from audience. The director's efforts, an engaging screenplay, the cast's performance and the background score received praise from both, the audiences as well as the critics.[16] It was reported that Hindi film makers had approached the director and producer for the remake rights.[17] The movie released on online platform Amazon Prime on 20 April 2020.[18]


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