Bir Jdid (Arabic: البير الجديد: "New Well") is a town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, located between the cities of El Jadida and Casablanca in the region of Doukkala-Abda. It has a population of 15267, according to the 2014 census.

Bir Jdid
البئر الجديد
Town with many houses and palm trees
Bir Jdid is located in Morocco
Bir Jdid
Bir Jdid
Coordinates: 33°22′25″N 8°00′01″W / 33.3737°N 8.0002°W / 33.3737; -8.0002
ProvinceEl Jadida
 • Total15,267
Time zone+1


In 1919, the French built two dwellings in the heart of the village, which was called the "Saint Hubert", in relation to a well. The nearby inhabitants of the area used this name to distinguish this modern well from the rest of the old wells and added a new name to the original name of the place. Prior to the protection, the name of the Saint-Hubert was in 1920, where the town became a station between Casablanca and Azemmour, also known as the Fishermen's Forum, which became a resort and a resting place. The name of the new well was added to St. Hubert.

In 1921, a post office was built in the town. In 1926 a local school was established and in 1931 an internal boarding school was established to accommodate the students of the French school (Imam Al-Bukhari high school).

Historically, a secret prison was located in Bir Jdid. Among the people sent to this prison were the family of Mohamed Oufkir, who were subject to torture.[2]


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