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The Biophysical Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Cell Press on behalf of the Biophysical Society. The journal was established in 1960 to provide a forum for research by Society members and nonmembers, while maintaining rigorous review and publication standards. The Journal publishes articles of biophysical significance to a broad community of quantitative biologists within various sub-specialties.

Biophysical Journal  
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Edited byJane Dyson
Publication details
FrequencyBiweekly (24/year)
Hybrid, delayed (after 12 months)
3.665 (2018)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Biophys. J.
ISSN0006-3495 (print)
1542-0086 (web)
OCLC no.01390110

Biophysical Journal is currently published biweekly, for a total of 24 issues per year, with special issues devoted to specific topics. In addition, a supplemental "abstracts issue" is published, containing abstracts of presentations at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. The editor-in-chief is Jane Dyson. Its Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and Editorial Board Members are active scientists and Society members from across the globe. Through original articles, letters, and perspectives on problems in modern biophysics, Biophysical Journal provides a forum for research that elucidates important biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms and provides quantitative insight into fundamental problems at the molecular, cellular, and systems and whole-organism levels. Research articles focus on experimental studies that employ quantitative physical approaches for the study of biological systems.


The scope of Biophysical Journal aims at reaching a broad community of biophysicists. The focus of the journal lies in quantitative physical approaches for the study of biological systems, from molecules to whole organisms. Both theoretical and experimental studies are published.

The journal is divided into eight sections:

I—Nucleic Acids and Genomic Biophysics


III—Channels and Transporters


V—Molecular Machines, Motors, and Nanoscale Biophysics

VI—Cell Biophysics

VII—Systems Biophysics

VIII—Biophysical Perspectives


Previous Editors-in-Chief of the Biophysical Journal[1]

1960-1963 Frank Brink, Jr.

1964-1966 J. Lawrence Oncley

1967-1969 Fred M. Snell

1969-1973 Max A. Lauffer

1973-1977 Frederick A. Dodge

1977-1980 V. Adrian Parsegian

1980-1983 John Gergely

1984-1987 Eugene Ackerman

1988-1992 Thomas E. Thompson

1993-1997 Victor A. Bloomfield

1997-2002 Peter B. Moore

2002-2007 Robert Callender

2007-2012 Edward H. Egelman

2012-2017 Leslie Loew

2017-2021 Jane Dyson


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