Bioparque Los Ocarros

Bioparque Los Ocarros or Los Ocarros is a zoo park located in the city of Villavicencio in the country of Colombia. The biopark houses animals of the region and works closely with the environmental authorities to preserve the local fauna.

Bioparque Los Ocarros
Bioparque Los Ocarros.JPG
Date opened2003
LocationVillavicencio, Meta
Coordinates4°11′06.18″N 73°36′31.2″W / 4.1850500°N 73.608667°W / 4.1850500; -73.608667Coordinates: 4°11′06.18″N 73°36′31.2″W / 4.1850500°N 73.608667°W / 4.1850500; -73.608667
Land area5.5 hectares (14 acres)
No. of species181
Major exhibits38

Los Ocarros 5.5 hectares (14 acres) are divided into 7 different sections with 38 habitats that are home to about 181 species of animals.[1] The biopark also counts with a man-made lake that is home to different kinds of turtles, fish and birds.



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