Billerica Public Library

The Billerica Public Library is a public library in Billerica, Massachusetts.[1] Since 2000 it has been located on Concord Road.[2]


Eleanor Bennett, library donor, ca.1883

In the late 19th century, "Billerica's free library, known as the Bennett Public Library, was founded by Mrs. Joshua Bennett, who erected, at a cost of $9,000, a suitable building for the purpose, and deeded it to the Bennett Library Association in 1880. ... The town contributes nothing for the support of the library."[3] The architects of the Bennett building were Boston architects Rotch & Tilden.

Initially, subscribers were charged an annual fee for use of the library.[4] By 1899, "the membership fee to the associates, to whom a few special privileges are allowed, is one dollar, but all citizens are given the free use of the library."[5]

In fiscal year 2008, the town of Billerica spent 1.09% of its budget on the library—some $29 per person. The library's total budget was $1,209,203.[6]


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