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William Goichberg (born November 11, 1942) is a chess master and chess tournament organizer and director. He founded the Continental Chess Association (CCA), which runs the annual World Open and other large tournaments. He is also a former president of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).


USCF careerEdit

After graduating from New York University in 1963, Goichberg worked as USCF Rating Statistician from 1964 to 1967. He became co-editor of Chess Life with Ed Edmondson in 1966.

In 1976 he was captain of the world champion U.S. Chess Olympiad team.

Goichberg was a member of the USCF Policy Board (now called "Executive Board") in 1975–78, 1989–92 and 1996-99. From November 2003 to January 2004 he was USCF Office Manager and in 2004 became USCF Executive Director. In 2005 he was elected President, and held that office until 2008.

Continental Chess Association (CCA)Edit

In 1964 Goichberg founded the New York City Chess Association to organize chess tournaments. In 1968 the organization's scope was widened and name was changed to Continental Chess Association.[1] The CCA has organized, by conservative estimate, several thousand tournaments in the years since it was founded.

The flagship tournament of the CCA, the World Open, first held in 1973, annually draws over 1,000 entries.[2] This figure is now regularly eclipsed by scholastic tournaments, but this may be the largest non-scholastic tournament in the world.

Several of the major scholastic tournaments now run by the U.S. Chess Federation started out as CCA tournaments: the National High School Championship (1969),[3] the National Junior High Championship (1973),[4] the National Elementary Championship (1976),[5] and the National Scholastic K-12 Grade Championship (1991).[6]

Goichberg is generally credited for introducing non-smoking tournaments in the U.S. (1973).

Other AchievementsEdit

Goichberg was co-editor of Official Rules of Chess, fourth edition (1993; ISBN 0-8129-2217-4) and authored many articles for Chess Life.

He is a USCF Life Master and FIDE Master. He is National Tournament Director and International Arbiter of FIDE (World Chess Federation).

He is the current president of the New York State Chess Association, which organizes the New York State Championship.


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