Bilaval (thaat)

Bilaval or Bilawal (IAST: Bilāval) is the most basic of all the ten thaats of Hindustani classical music of the Indian subcontinent.[1] All the swaras in the thaat are shuddha or all swaras in the natural scale. Bilaval as a raga is not rendered these days however a small variation of the raga called Alhaiya Bilaval is very common. This is a morning raga and its pictorial descriptions create a rich, sensuous ambience in consonance with its performance.


Ragas in Bilaval include:

  1. Alhaiya Bilawal
  2. Bhinna Shadja
  3. Bihag
  4. Bilaval
  5. Deshkar
  6. Devgiri Bilawal
  7. Durga
  8. Hamsadhvani
  9. Hemant
  10. Kukubh Bilawal
  11. Shankara
  12. Sukhiya
  13. Shukla Bilawal
  14. Pahadi
  15. Mand (raga)


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