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BikeMi is a public bicycle sharing system in Milan, Italy. It was launched on 8 December 2008 and is contracted to and operated by Clear Channel on the basis of its SmartBike system.[3] The scheme encompasses 4,650 bicycles (including 1,000 electric bicycles and bikes for children)[2] and 280 stations.[4]

BikeMi logo.png
LocaleMilan, Italy
Transit typeBicycle sharing system
Number of stations280[1]
Daily ridership15,890 (2013 average)[2]
Began operation3 December 2008
Operator(s)Clear Channel
Number of vehicles4,650[2]
BikeMi station and bikes near Diaz square.



The service is active every day from 7am to midnight and had a daily ridership of about 15,890 in 2013.[2] The operating hours are sometimes extended for special events.


The system is based on 1-day, 1-week or 1-year subscriptions, which allows users to rent a bike. Rentals are free for the first 30 minutes. After that time, in order not to pay more, the bike has to be returned in a station. However, unlimited number of rentals are allowed in a day. The scheme is similar to the Vélib' one. There are at present 43,213 users with an annual subscription.[5]

Prices range from €4.50 for a 1-day subscription to €36 for the annual one. An additional fare of €0.50 per half-hour is charged for rentals exceeding 30 minutes and not longer than further 2 hours. After that time a €2.00 per hour fine applies.[6]

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