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Big Time Beach Party is a 2011 made-for-television film and the fourth film of the series film franchise of the Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush. It serves as the season two 12th and 13th episode and the 32nd and 33rd episode of the series overall as it is commonly broadcast divided in two parts. It aired on February 21, 2011.[1]

"Big Time Beach Party"
Big Time Rush episode
Big Time Beach Party.png
Big Time Rush at the beach with their friends after winning the drag race.
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 12–13
Directed bySavage Steve Holland
Written byJed Spingarn
Jessica Gao
Featured musicBig Time Rush
Production code214–215
Original air dateFebruary 21, 2011 (2011-02-21)
Running time46 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Big Time Crush"
Next →
"Big Time Songwriters"
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Just like the three previous Big Time Rush movies, Big Time Beach Party does not differ in either the direction or the structure from a typical Big Time Rush episode. So practically is a two-part episode promoted as a movie since the adventures get bigger.

In the movie/episode the guys get the chance to spend a day in a beach house but things seem to develop quite differently from how they expected. The show's main cast along with the majority of the common recurring cast and several special guest stars are featured.


Filming of the episode began on the last days of November 2010 and ended two weeks after on December 10.[citation needed] Several pictures were revealed since, whereas the first promo came out around the end of the year.[citation needed] Both Russell Brand's and Tom Kenny's participation were soon announced by Twitter and other media.[2] The movie aired on February 21, 2011.


As part of a deal Griffin made with Big Time Rush, they get to use his beach house in Malibu for a day when they get a gold record in any country, as they do. The boys invite almost everyone from the Palm Woods to the beach including Camille, Guitar Dude, the Jennifers and Buddha Bob as well as Jo who can't make it, because of some extra scenes she has to film for her series. Also Mrs. Knight goes after the boys with Katie when she figures out they didn't put sunblock on like she told them, while Gustavo and Kelly plan to destroy Big Time Rush's beach day since Gustavo's previous band "Boy Blast" have become overly laid back by their life in beach and their career went downhill.

At the beach, Kendall stumbles across an old man, J.D., seemingly being able to predict the future, as well as a fan girl named Sandy, who turns out to be highly obsessed with Kendall and breaks up with her boyfriend so as to be with him and also attempts to get rid of Jo. Carlos tries to impress the Jennifers but they reject him for not owning the beach house, so he comes up with a plan of buying one and therefore joins Logan who is searching for treasure. They soon come across Patchy the Pirate (Tom Kenny), who seems to seek for a hidden treasure chest filled with gold using his family's map and they join his treasure hunt and collect clues that bring them closer to the treasure. At the same time, James almost gets drown while surfing, but gets saved by a cute girl, Annie (Gage Golightly) with whom he instantly hits it off, though he has reservations after thinking that she may be a mermaid, so he enlists Camille to help him find out. Kendall asks the Jennifers to help him repel Sandy but fails again and as if things weren't already bad enough for him, Sandy's boyfriend, Tad, shows up to beat him up for stealing his girlfriend.

In the meantime, Gustavo and Kelly try to sabotage the guys' beach day but face some unfortunate events during their numerous efforts. On the other hand, Katie decides to lay the foundations of her career by asking their beach house neighbor, actor Russell Brand, to let her be his manager but he does not accept her because of her age, despite the amazing stuff he admits she is accomplishing for him. Mrs. Knight, having arrived at the beach and succeeded in covering the boys up with sunblock, advises Kendall to let Sandy know that he doesn't want to be with her and so he does. Meanwhile Logan, Carlos and Patchy find out that chest is under the basement of Griffin's beach house and when they manage to dig him up, Griffin shows up and collects the treasure as compensation for the damages they caused in their search. However Patchy promises them to reunite with it. Elsewhere, Annie reveals herself not to be a mermaid and she and James get back together.

Finally, to settle the differences between Kendall and Tad, J.D. suggests they should do a drag race and whoever loses has to leave the beach forever alongside their company. Kendall and Tad take the challenge and despite Gustavo's another effort to make Kendall lose, he ultimately wins the race at the last minute. Jo, who just called Camille the very after minute, hears Kendall confessing his feelings about herself and dumping Sandy and informs him that she is coming there the soonest. Katie, who at last gets Russell Brand to accept her as his manager, arranges that the guys would perform at his party and Big Time Rush finally admit their day to be the “best beach day ever”.


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Big Time Rush's single "Boyfriend" as well as their cover on "Dance, Dance, Dance" by The Beach Boys were featured on the special.


4.3 million viewers tuned in the premiere of the Big Time Beach Party special ranking it as the day's (Monday) number-one show on broadcast and basic cable with kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 and top basic cable program in the time period.[3]


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