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Keith Carter (February 26, 1970 – February 3, 2016), also known as Big Kap and The Wardin,[1][2] was an American hip-hop DJ[1] who was born in New York City and was later based in Atlanta. In 1995, he was a member of hip hop supergroup The Flip Squad. He was well known for the 1999 album The Tunnel with Funkmaster Flex, named after the New York nightclub where he was a regular DJ. He died in Mableton, GA late on February 3, 2016 due to a heart attack.[2][3] He was 45 at the time of his death.[4] According to his road manager Ab Traxx, Keith dealt with diabetes, but he did not believe it was what caused his fatal heart attack.[5] Keith was previously slated to work on a showcase in Atlanta on the day of his death, shortly after his passing, the event became a memorial for Keith.[2]

Big Kap is also well known for a video that went viral in 2011 consisting of Notorious B.I.G. throwing a water bottle at Big Kap during a Summer Jam concert before storming off the stage in 1995.[6]


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