Big Helium Dog

Big Helium Dog is a 1999 comedy film. It is produced by Kevin Smith's View Askew production company and also features the Broken Lizard comedy troupe in starring (Kevin Heffernan) and supporting (Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, and Erik Stolhanske) roles.

Big Helium Dog
Big Helium Dog.jpg
Directed byBrian Lynch
Produced byView Askew
Written byBrian Lynch
StarringMatt Kawczynski
Michael Linstroth
Release date

The film has long been a favorite amongst fans[citation needed] who attended screenings at festivals such as the Smith sponsored "Vulgarthon" which led to an anticipated DVD release.[citation needed]

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A sketch comedy which spoofs its own production: A guy trying to cope with losing his friend is pulled against his will into a lucrative TV deal that later falls through, nonetheless he saves the world from destruction.


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