Big Beat Records (British record label)

Big Beat Records is a British record label and import distributor owned by Ace Records, specialising in garage rock.[1][2]

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  1. ^ Colin Larkin The Guinness encyclopedia of popular music 1561591769 - - Volume 1 1995- Page 52 Ace Records Ted Carroll and Roger Armstrong, co-owners of London collectors' shop Rock On, established the Ace label in ... A subsidiary, Big Beat, was set up the following decade as an outlet for garageband and psychedelic material.
  2. ^ David Stubbs, Rob Young Ace Records: Labels Unlimited 2008 Page 87 Another example of the type of group Big Beat worked with was The Stingrays. As Alec Palao, the American-based English expat, one time member of the band and subsequent Ace consultant, recalls: "The band was an amalgam of everything we were into, be it rockabilly, garage punk, 1970s punk, surf, northern soul, folk-rock; we were omnivores." The Stingrays were the classic example of a band who had supersized on Ace's ever-increasing and eclectic output of lost music.

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