Bidone d'oro

Bidone d'oro, Italian for "Golden Bin" or "Golden Trashcan", was a tongue-in-cheek prize given to the most disappointing player in Serie A at the end of each calendar year. A play on Ballon d'Or,[1] the winner was chosen through votes by listeners of the Catersport show on Rai Radio 2.[2] The prize was first awarded in 2003 to Rivaldo of Milan,[3] and was discontinued in 2012 when Catersport went off the air.[4] The final Bidone d'Oro was awarded at the end of 2012 to Alexandre Pato following a vote on the discontinued show's Facebook page.[4]

Golden Bin
SportAssociation football
CompetitionSerie A
Awarded forThe most disappointing player in Serie A
Local nameBidone d'Oro  (Italian)
Presented byCatersport
First award2003
Final award2012
First winner Rivaldo (BRA)
Most wins
Most recent Alexandre Pato (BRA)


Year Rank Player National team Club(s) Ref(s)
2003 1st Rivaldo   Brazil Milan
2nd Al-Saadi Gaddafi   Libya Perugia
3rd Carsten Jancker   Germany Udinese
2004 1st Nicola Legrottaglie   Italy Juventus
2nd Christian Vieri   Italy Inter
3rd Alessandro Del Piero   Italy Juventus
2005 1st Christian Vieri   Italy Inter / Milan
2nd Santiago Solari   Argentina Inter
3rd Antonio Cassano   Italy Roma
2006 1st Adriano   Brazil Inter
2nd Alberto Gilardino   Italy Milan
3rd Ricardo Oliveira   Brazil Milan
2007 1st Adriano   Brazil Inter
2nd Dida   Brazil Milan
3rd Ronaldo   Brazil Milan
2008 1st Ricardo Quaresma   Portugal Inter
2nd Christian Vieri   Italy Atalanta
3rd Adriano   Brazil Inter
2009 1st Felipe Melo   Brazil Fiorentina / Juventus
2nd Ricardo Quaresma   Portugal Inter
3rd Tiago Mendes   Portugal Juventus
2010 1st Adriano   Brazil Roma
2nd Amauri   Italy Juventus
3rd Ronaldinho   Brazil Milan
2011 1st Diego Milito   Argentina Inter
2nd Amauri   Italy Juventus
3rd Miloš Krasić   Serbia Juventus
2012 1st Alexandre Pato   Brazil Milan
2nd Nicklas Bendtner   Denmark Juventus
3rd Lúcio   Brazil Inter / Juventus

Wins by clubEdit

Club Total Year(s)
Inter 4 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011
Milan 3 2003, 2005, 2012
Juventus 2 2004, 2009
Roma 1 2010


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