Bidford Bridge

Bidford Bridge crosses the Avon at Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England. It is a scheduled monument[1] and is Grade I listed.

Bidford Bridge
Coordinates52°09′50″N 1°51′24″W / 52.1639°N 1.8566°W / 52.1639; -1.8566Coordinates: 52°09′50″N 1°51′24″W / 52.1639°N 1.8566°W / 52.1639; -1.8566
CarriesSecondary road
LocaleBidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Heritage status
No. of spans8
InauguratedEarly 15th century
Village from bridge

The bridge is wider than a typical packhorse bridge. It dates from the early 15th century but has been repaired many times; in the 16th century stone from Alcester's demolished priory was used. There are eight arches, with cutwaters on the upper side. In 1644, supporters of Charles I demolished the bridge to cover his retreat from Worcester to Oxford - this was repaired in 1650 by Quarter Sessions, for whom Bidford Bridge was a 'county bridge' under its control.

The Heart of England Way walking route uses the bridge.

Bridge Collision Repair Work - June 2015Edit

In June 2015, a farm vehicle passing over the bridge struck the parapet, resulting in "significant damage to the... stone parapet, spandrel wall and central pier" and the bridge's closure to all but cyclists and pedestrians.[2] Following inspection of the cut-water (nose of pier) at river level, further damage to the sandstone blockwork was identified at this low level. Approximately 15 courses of White Hollington stone have been rebuilt, integrating new stone in and around existing.[3]

The temporary access scaffold required to complete the works had to consider the ancient monument status of the bridge so was unable to be tied into the structure. Suspending a scaffold from the carriageway was also unsuitable because the bridge could not withstand the kentledge weight required. The chosen solution was for the scaffold to be founded on the river bed with tubes secured around piers providing anchorage.[4]


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