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The following is a list of works about Paris, France:

List of books, arranged by authorEdit

In English
  • Edwards, Henry Sutherland. Old and new Paris: its history, its people, and its places (2 vol 1894) online
  • Fierro, Alfred. Historical Dictionary of Paris (1998) 392pp, an abridged translation of his Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris (1996), 1580pp
  • Horne, Alistair. Seven Ages of Paris (2002), emphasis on ruling elites excerpt and text search
  • Jones, Colin. Paris: Biography of a City (2004), 592pp; comprehensive history by a leading British scholar excerpt and text search
  • Lawrence, Rachel; Gondrand, Fabienne (2010). Paris (City Guide) (12th ed.). London: Insight Guides. ISBN 9789812820792.
  • Sutcliffe, Anthony. Paris: An Architectural History (1996) excerpt and text search
In French
  • Brunet, Jean-Paul (1999). Police contre FLN, le drame d'octobre 1961 (in French). Flammarion. ISBN 978-2080676917.
  • Combeau, Yvan (2013). Histoire de Paris (in French). Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. ISBN 978-2-13-060852-3.
  • De Moncan, Patrice (2007). Les jardins du Baron Haussmann (in French). Paris: Les Éditions du Mécène. ISBN 978-2-907970-914.
  • De Moncan, Patrice (2012). Le Paris d'Haussmann (in French). Paris: Les Editions du Mecene. ISBN 978-2-9079-70983.
  • Dictionnaire Historique de Paris (in French). Le Livre de Poche. 2013. ISBN 978-2-253-13140-3.
  • du Camp, Maxime (1993). Paris – Ses organes ses fonctions et sa vie jusqu'en 1870 [Paris – Its organs its functions and its life until 1870] (in French). Monaco: Rondeau.
  • Einaudi, Jean-Luc (2001). La Bataille de Paris: 17 octobre 1961 (in French). Fayard. ISBN 2-213-61019-3.
  • Fierro, Alfred (1996). Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris (in French). Robert Laffont. ISBN 2-221-07862-4.
  • Héron de Villefosse, René (1959). HIstoire de Paris (in French). Bernard Grasset.
  • Jarrassé, Dominique (2007). Grammaire des jardins Parisiens. Parigramme. ISBN 978-2-84096-476-6.
  • Maneglier, Hervé (1990). Paris Impérial- La vie quotidienne sous le Second Empire (in French). Paris: Armand Colin. ISBN 2-200-37226-4.
  • Meunier, Florian (2014). Le Paris du moyen âge (in French). Paris: Editions Ouest-France. ISBN 978-2-7373-6217-0.
  • Rougerie, Jacques (2014). La Commune de 1871. Paris: Presses universitaires de France. ISBN 978-2-13-062078-5.
  • Sarmant, Thierry (2012). Histoire de Paris: Politique, urbanisme, civilisation (in French). Editions Jean-Paul Gisserot. ISBN 978-2-755-803303.
  • Schmidt, Joel (2009). Lutece- Paris, des origines a Clovis (in French). Perrin. ISBN 978-2-262-03015-5.

List of works, arranged chronologicallyEdit

Published in the 17th–18th centuriesEdit

In French

Published in the 19th centuryEdit

In French

Published in the 20th centuryEdit

  • Walter Benjamin (1982). Das Passagen-Werk [Arcades Project] (in German). ISBN 3518112007.
  • Donald Olsen (1986). The City as a Work of Art: London, Paris, Vienna. Yale University Press. ISBN 9780300042122.
  • Flanner, Janet. Paris Was Yesterday, 1925-1939 (1988); Primary source; her "Letter from Paris," in New Yorker magazine
  • François Loyer, Paris, Nineteenth Century: Architecture and Urbanism, trans. Charles Lynn Clark (New York, 1988)
  • Vincent Cronin (1989). Paris on the Eve, 1900-1914. New York: Harper Collins. ISBN 0-312-04876-9.
  • Wiser, William. The Crazy Years: Paris in the Twenties (1990); focus on artists & celebrities, especially expatriates
  • Annick Pardailhe-Galabrun, The Birth of Intimacy: Privacy and Domestic Life in Early Modern Paris, trans. Jocelyn Phelps (Cambridge, 1991).
  • Christopher Prendergast, Writing the City: Paris and the Nineteenth Century (Oxford, 1992),
  • Bernier, Olivier. Fireworks at Dusk: Paris in the Thirties (1993); social, artistic, and political life
  • Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson. Paris as Revolution: Writing the Nineteenth-Century City (Berkeley, 1994)
  • Vincent Cronin (1994). Paris:City of Light, 1919-1939. New York: Harper Collins. ISBN 0-00-215191-X.
  • Jean Favier (1997-04-23). Paris (in French). Fayard. ISBN 2-213-59874-6.
  • Historical Dictionary of Paris. Landham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, 1998.
  • Sharon Marcus, Apartment Stories: City and Home in Nineteenth-Century Paris and London (Berkeley, 1999)

Published in the 21st centuryEdit

  • Wiser, William. The twilight years: Paris in the 1930s (Robson Books, 2000); Focus on artists & celebrities, especially expatriates
  • Harvey, David. Paris, Capital of Modernity (Routledge, 2003)
  • D.C. Woodcox (2003). "Paris". In Jennifer Speake (ed.). Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia. Taylor & Francis. pp. 920–924. ISBN 978-1-57958-424-5.
  • Colin Jones (2004). Paris: The Biography of a City. New York: Penguin Viking. ISBN 0-670-03393-6.
  • David Levinson, ed. (2004). "Paris". Encyclopedia of Homelessness. Sage Publications. pp. 441–445. ISBN 978-0-7619-2751-8.
  • Simone Roux (2009). Paris in the Middle Ages. University of Pennsylvania Press. ISBN 0-8122-4159-2.
  • Rosemary Wakeman (2009). The Heroic City: Paris, 1945-1958. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 978-0-226-87023-6. online review
  • Mitchell, Allan. Nazi Paris: The History of an Occupation, 1940-1944 (2010)
  • Rearick, Charles. Paris Dreams, Paris Memories: The City and Its Mystique (Stanford University Press, 2011). 296 pp. online review
  • Graham Robb (2011). Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris. W. W. Norton. ISBN 978-0-393-07928-9.
  • Winter, Jay and Jean-Louis Robert, eds. Capital Cities at War: Volume 2, A Cultural History: Paris, London, Berlin 1914-1919 (2 vol 2012)
  • Charles Emmerson (2013). "Paris". 1913: In Search of the World Before the Great War. Public Affairs. ISBN 978-1-61039-257-0.
  • Castigliano, Federico (2017). Flâneur. The Art of Wandering the Streets of Paris. ISBN 978-1546942092


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