Biblical Archaeology Society

The Biblical Archaeology Society is a non-sectarian organization that supports and promotes biblical archaeology. It publishes Biblical Archaeology Review. Its past publications included Bible Review (1985–2005) and Archaeology Odyssey (1998–2006). The Biblical Archaeology Society also publishes books about biblical archaeology aimed at a general readership. The Society has, for more than 30 years, run seminars and tours offering an opportunity to learn directly from world-renowned archaeologists and scholars. It also produces videos (DVD) and CDs on archaeology and biblical archaeology.


The society was founded by Hershel Shanks in 1975 and he served as editor for 42 years, retiring at the end of 2017. Robert R. Cargill was selected to replace Shanks as editor of the Society and associated publications; he also stepped down in 2018 and was replaced by Glenn J. Corbett.[1]

In 1991, the Biblical Archaeology Society published A Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, making the Dead Sea scrolls available to scholars around the world. Previously, access to the scrolls was limited to a small team of specialists who had been invited to translate them.


At a 2002 press conference co-hosted with the Discovery Channel, the Biblical Archaeology Society announced the existence of the James Ossuary, which, in their views, may have once held the remains of James, the brother of Jesus. However, while the ossuary itself is authentic, the inscription referencing to James and Jesus was later declared by the Israel Antiquities Authority to be a modern forgery.[2]

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