Bible translations into Pashto

Early Translation WorkEdit

The New Testament was first published in the Pashto language in 1818 in Serampore - North India. The translation process continued over may years, and the first complete Bible finally became available in 1895.

Modern TranslationEdit

In 1991 the Pakistan Bible Society produced a modern New Testament in a general Pashto dialect, most recently revised in 1996. The affectionately known "little blue" book was reprinted several times but a full Bible was not completed in its mixed dialect, with subsequent translation efforts instead focussing on dialects dominant in Pakistan and Afghanistan separately.

In 2019, a full Bible in Pashto was completed, in the Yusufzai dialect most commonly spoken in Pakistan. This was put into print in 2020[1] by the United Bible Societies.

Work on the Afghan dialects of Pashto continues, with some books being published online[2] as the translation work proceeds.


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