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List of The Apprentice candidates (British series 10)

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Nurun AhmedEdit

Age: 37; Occupation: Marketing Officer & Fashion Retailer. Even though Ahmed won as project manager in week two, she was fired the following week. Lord Sugar fired her because he felt it was a big jump up from running a small business to a big one and he also felt that she hadn't shown much to him in the past three weeks.

Solomon AkhtarEdit

Age: 22; Occupation: Technology Entrepreneur. Akhtar lost 5 tasks, won 5 tasks and was brought into the boardroom in week two because the project manager felt that he hid away in the task. He strongly disagreed and stated that if a task to do with online technology came along that he would become project manager. He came in 5th place in the competition, and was fired because he failed to include crucial figures in his business plan.

Felipe Alviar-BaqueroEdit

Age: 34; Occupation: Lawyer. Alviar-Baquero was project manager in the first task but failed, however he remained in the process. Alviar-Baquero is the first Colombian on the show, and a joint-second lawyer to take part in any season of the show, after Karen Bremner from Series 2. Also, he is the first candidate who was a losing project manager on the first task, and went further than the winning project manager in the competition.

Jemma BirdEdit

Age: 26; Operations Manager. Bird was on the winning team in the first four weeks and came up with the girl's new team name: Tenacity. She called herself 'the girl that always nearly wins'. However this was proven right when she was fired in Week 5

Ella Jade BittonEdit

Age: 23; Business Management Graduate. Bitton has also been on the winning team all three times and she says in her audition that she doesn't believe in game plans. In week four she was appointed as the project manager but lost and was the third person that week to be fired, as it was felt she didn't know what hard work was.

Lindsay BoothEdit

Age: 30; Owner- Swimming Academy. Booth had been criticised for being too quiet and not giving any contributions to the tasks. In week three she was in the losing team and only managed to sell one item. In the boardroom almost the entire team put her under pressure until she admitted to Lord Sugar that she was out of her depth- he quickly fired her.

Katie Bulmer-CookeEdit

Age: 28; Fitness Entrepreneur.[1] Bulmer-Cooke took on the role of project manager in week three and led her team to victory by fourteen pounds. She was fired in week 10 for her bizarre idea to put saffron in a trifle, despite wanting to open a healthy-eating restaurant.

Chiles CartwrightEdit

Age: 35; Company Director. Cartwright was the leader of the boys' sub-team and made a fundamental error in his team-leading to their failure. He was fired in week one for his bad decisions.

Sarah DalesEdit

Age: 32; Former PA & Hypnotherapist. Dales was the project manager of the girls' team in week one and won, however she was reported as being a terrible team leader. In week three Lord Sugar warned Dales that if her team lost she would be fired- luckily for her, her team won. She was one of three people to be fired in Week 4.

Robert GoodwinEdit

Age: 25; Marketing Mangager. Goodwin was in the boardroom in week one but let off. However, in week two he was strongly suggested that he should take on the role of project manager; but he declined. This led him to be fired before the final boardroom.

James HillEdit

Age: 26; Multiple Business Owner. Hill compares himself as a younger version of Lord Sugar. In week three he was brought back into the boardroom for messing up the sales strategy but was let off. However he was told to watch his mouth in the boardroom. He was fired in week 8.

In August 2015, Hill was a housemate on the sixteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother. On 24 September, he reached the final on Day 29 and was voted as the winner of the series.

Roisin HoganEdit

Age: 35; Accountant. Hogan was the project manager in week three and lost. However she remained in the process. Hogan was the second Irish person in this series. She was fired in the interview week for criticism of the research she did into her Konjac based ready-meals idea.[2]

Daniel LassmanEdit

Age: 27; Director- Pub Quiz Company. Lassman was brought into the boardroom four times during the process, but survived all of them. He placed third in the programme.

Scott McCullochEdit

Age: 24; Clinical Development Strategist. McCulloch became the project manager in week two but was fired by Lord Sugar for his bad managerial skills.

Bianca Miller-ColeEdit

Age: 25; Owner- Personal Branding Company. Miller was the joint-most successful candidate, winning seven out of the ten tasks. Miller made it to final and had plans for tights which matched women's skin tones, but lost to Mark Wright. Miller has announced that she will still continue with the tights brand.

Lauren RileyEdit

Age: 29; Solicitor. Riley was in the winning team four times. She was fired in week 7 due to lack of contribution.

Sanjay Sood-SmithEdit

Age: 27; Senior Manager- Banking. Sood-Smith was fired in week 10 for having a bad track record.

Pamela UddinEdit

Age: 24; Assistant Brand Manager. Uddin is the second person from Ireland. She was fired in week 6 due to bad leadership.

Steven UgoalahEdit

Age: 29; Social worker. In week one Ugoalah was blamed by the project manager for the failure of the task- yet he was not brought into the boardroom and wasn't fired. Ugoalah is the only person in this series from Canada. He was one of three people to be fired in week 4.

Mark WrightEdit

Age: 24; Sales Manager- Digital Marketing. Wright was the only Australian in this series. He won the final on 21 December 2014 beating Bianca Miller.[3][4] Despite winning the 2014 series, he only won three times and even lost as project manager in Week 7.


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