Bia River

The Bia is a river that is situated primarily in Ghana and flows through Ghana and Ivory Coast,[1] emptying into Aby Lagoon.[2] A hydroelectric dam was built across the Bia at Ayamé in 1959, causing the formation of Lake Ayame.[3][4]

Bia River
Bia Tano Ankobra OSM.jpg
South Ghana with the Bia
CountriesGhana and Ivory Coast
Physical characteristics
MouthAby Lagoon
 • coordinates
6°05′48″N 3°05′42″W / 6.09667°N 3.09500°W / 6.09667; -3.09500Coordinates: 6°05′48″N 3°05′42″W / 6.09667°N 3.09500°W / 6.09667; -3.09500
Length300 km (190 mi)
Basin size9,300 km2 (3,600 sq mi)
 • locationMouth
 • average83 m3/s (2,900 cu ft/s)


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