Bhurta, vorta, bhorta, bharta or chokha[1] is a lightly fried mixture of mashed vegetables (chakata) in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent.[2]

Different types of bharta
Region or stateIndian subcontinent
Serving temperatureserved with rice or ruti
Main ingredientsmustard oil, onions and chillies with bharta elements.
VariationsAlu Bhorta, Begun Bhorta, Tamato bharta, shutkir varta ,narikel shutkir vorta

Some variations of this dish are Baingan bhurta and Aloo bhurta.

Etymology edit

The word Bhurta is derived from the Sanskrit roots bhṛj (भृज्) and bhṛkta (भृक्त)[3] which mean something which is roasted or fried. Thus bhurta refers to a spicy mash made from roasted, boiled or fried vegetables.[4]

Ingredients edit

Bhurta recipes vary depending on the region and the vegetable(s) used.[2] In general, the ingredients are as follows:

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