Bhooka Sher

Bhooka Sher (Hungry Tiger) is a Hindi action drama film of Bollywood directed and produced by Surender Kukoo Kapoor.[1] This film was released in 31 August 2001 in the banner of Savitri International.[2][3]


This movie revolves around the story of a village girl Ganga. A leader of goons named Jaggu kidnaps and rapes Ganga, and no one can prosecute them. Heartbroken, humiliated, Ganga prays to Goddess Durga for a remedy so that she becomes powerful enough to take revenge. Police officer Vijay falls in love with Ganga, but she is not convinced. In the meantime, Ganga meets with one, Ranbir Singh, an army officer whose parents were killed by Jaggu. Ganga and Ranbir jointly start a mission against their common enemy Jaggu.




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