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Bharati Achrekar is a veteran and renowned Marathi and Hindi theatre, film and television actress who has also performed many memorable television and film roles. She has been a part of several films in Indian cinema and was celebrated as Mrs Wagle from the popular doordarshan show,Wagle ki Duniya.[2]

Bharti Achrekar
Bharti Achrekar.jpg
Born (1959-10-15) October 15, 1959 (ageĀ 59)[1]

She played the role of Sumit's mother in the Indian hit comedy Sumit Sambhal Lega in 2015.



She was doing a television adaptation, Sumit Sambhal Lega as Dolly (Sumit's mother) on Star Plus. She is the daughter of renowned singer Manik Varma. Her sisters are the versatile Marathi actress Vandana Gupte and singer Rani Varma. She was a part of a project done by Ashok Hande on Manik Varma named Manik Moti, with support by Rani Varma and Vandana Gupte after Manik Varma's death.





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