Beyond the Bridge

Beyond the Bridge is a German progressive metal and progressive rock band, formed as Fall Out in Frankfurt, in 1999.[1]

Beyond the Bridge
OriginFrankfurt, Germany
GenresProgressive metal
Progressive rock
Years active1999–2013
LabelsFrontiers Records
MembersDilenya Mar
Herbie Langhans
Peter Degenfeld
Christopher Tarnow
Dominik Stotzem
Fabian Maier


The band was formed as Fall Out in Frankfurt am Main in Germany as a school band by guitar player Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg and bass player Dominik Stotzem. In 2008 and after several breaks the band started to experiment for a concept studio album and has been renamed to 'Beyond the Bridge'. In 2012 the band released its first album 'The Old Man and the Spirit' with producer Simon Oberender and Frontiers Records.[2][3][4] Shortly after release of the album, producer and main contributor to the album's release Simon Oberender, suddenly died.[5]

Band membersEdit

  • Dilenya Mar - vocals
  • Herbie Langhans - vocals
  • Peter Degenfeld - guitar
  • Christopher Tarnow - keyboards
  • Dominik Stotzem - bass
  • Fabian Maier - drums



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