Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel

The Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel (Turkish: Beylerbeyi Sarayı Tüneli) is a historic tunnel under the Beylerbeyi Palace in Beylerbeyi neighborhood of the Üsküdar district in Istanbul, Turkey connecting Üsküdar with Beylerbeyi and Çengelköy.

Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel
Beylerbeyi Sarayı Tüneli
Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel.jpg
LocationBeylerbeyi Palace, Beylerbeyi, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates41°02′31″N 29°02′24″E / 41.04194°N 29.04000°E / 41.04194; 29.04000
Work begun1829
Opened1832; 189 years ago (1832)
Length230 m (750 ft)
Tunnel clearance2.90 m (9.5 ft)
Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel is located in Istanbul
Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel
Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel
Location of Beylerbeyi Palace Tunnel in Istanbul.

Commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II (reigned 1808–1839) in 1829 and completed in 1832, the tunnel is situated under a hill on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, which is today the terrace garden of the later-built Beylebeyi Palace.[1]

The tunnel with 2.90 m (9.5 ft) clearance served until the 1970s. It was used as museum and exhibition site after its closure.[1]

On 19 September 2016 the tunnel re-opened to traffic in order to ease the traffic congestion on the coastal road in the area under the Bosphorus Bridge,[2] and later shut down again to preserve the historic structure from damage caused by exhaust emissions.


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