Beurs metro station

Beurs is a major subway interchange station in the center of Rotterdam. Underneath Churchill Square (Dutch: Churchillplein), the two lines through the city center (lines A-B-C and lines D-E) intersect. Passengers for Rotterdam Central Station change here to line D if they started their journey on line A, B, or C.

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Rotterdam Metro station
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Coordinates51°55′07″N 4°28′50″E / 51.91861°N 4.48056°E / 51.91861; 4.48056Coordinates: 51°55′07″N 4°28′50″E / 51.91861°N 4.48056°E / 51.91861; 4.48056
Owned byRET
Structure typeUnderground
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Line A
Not on evenings and early weekend mornings
towards Binnenhof
Line B
towards Nesselande
towards De Akkers
Line C
towards De Terp
towards De Akkers
Line D
towards Slinge
Line E

All destinations within the network are accessible from Beurs. Since December 2011, it has also been incorporated into the new RandstadRail network, resulting in a direct connection to The Hague (line E).


Station Beurs opened on 9 February 1968 on the North-South Line (also temporarily called Erasmuslijn). On 6 May 1982 a new station, Churchillplein, was opened nearby on the new East-West Line (also temporarily Calandlijn). Both stations were connected by an underground walkway. In 2000, this separate naming was abandoned. For a while, signs in the East-West Line-portion of the station still had 'Churchillplein' in a smaller font below 'Beurs', but this has recently been removed.