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Bethlen is a Hungarian noble family name, and may refer to:

  • Bethlen, son of Lőrinc, Hungarian nobleman, ancestor of the Bethlen and Apafi families
  • András Bethlen (1847–1898), Hungarian aristocrat and served as Minister of Agriculture (1890–1894)
  • Gabriel Bethlen (1580–1629), prince of Transylvania (1613–1629), duke of Opole (1622–1625) and leader of an anti-Habsburg insurrection
  • István Bethlen (1874–1946), Hungarian aristocrat and statesman and served as Prime Minister (1921–1931)
  • János Bethlen (1613–1678)
  • Farkas Bethlen (1639–1679)
  • Kata Bethlen (1700–1759) Hungarian aristocrat and author

Bethlen is also the German and Hungarian name for Beclean, a town in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Romania, while Betlen is the Hungarian and a German name for Beclean, a commune in Braşov County, Romania.

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