Bethel v Hillyard

Bethell v Hildyard 38 Ch.D. 220. [1885 B. 2119.] is an important legal judgment of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, England.[1] The matter heard before Justice Striling concerned succession to property by the child of a marriage contracted by Christopher Bethell, an English man in Bechuanaland South Africa with Teepoo, a Barolong woman according to the customs of the Baralong people.[2]

Bethell v Hildyard
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CourtChancery Division
Decided1885 (1885)
Citation(s)Bethell v Hildyard 38 Ch.D. 220.
Court membership
Judge(s) sittingStriling J.
polygamy, marriage

The marriage was held not to be a valid marriage according to the law of England because the customs of the Baralong people permitted polygamy. The child was held not entitled to succeed to her father's property.

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