Beterverwagting, also Betterverwagting or abbreviated to B.V., is a village in Guyana, on the East Coast of the Demerara River.

Beterverwagting is located in Guyana
Location in Guyana
Coordinates: 6°48′N 58°04′W / 6.800°N 58.067°W / 6.800; -58.067Coordinates: 6°48′N 58°04′W / 6.800°N 58.067°W / 6.800; -58.067
CountryFlag of Guyana.svg Guyana
 • Total2,163
Time zoneUTC-4


On 8 May 1839, 62 former slaves pooled their savings together and bought plantation Beterverwagting from Baron van Groningen.[2] In 1842, Triumph was established to the east,[2] Triumph and Beterverwagting have grown together, and are often referred to as Beterverwagting/Triumph.[2][3] Both villages are under the same local government.[4]

Beterverwagting is located roughly 10 miles from the capital, Georgetown, and is an important feeder village for the sugar estate in La Bonne Intention, a village adjacent to it.[5] The name Beterverwagting comes from the Dutch words "Beter verwachting", literally "better expectation".

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