is a privately held online gambling company offering sports betting, casino games, and horse racing. As of October 2020, BetUS is an A-rated sportsbook on[1]

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Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Online gambling
Available inMultilingual
San Jose
Area servedInternational (via Internet)
ProductsBookmaker, online casino, financial betting
Current statusOpen


The company accepts bets on sports and horse racing, and operates a casino. Games can be played as instant play using one's web browser.

Proposition wagersEdit

BetUS offers so-called proposition wagers on current events, celebrities, reality TV and politics. It made headlines by offering odds on the effects of global warming[2] and whether the world will end on 06/06/06.[3]


US customers can withdraw funds, subject to wagering requirements outlined in the bonus terms and conditions, via MoneyGram (between $100 and $400), courier check, bank wire (up to $3000), and via cryptocurrencies.[4] All withdrawals are subject to a fee of up to $55 plus 6% except criptocurrency withdrawals (per conversation with account representatives on 28 March 2021). Money can only be withdrawn after placing qualifying bets that total more that 10-25 times the freeplay (bonus) received at signup. Max withdrawal amount is 5 times the freeplay amount. In other words, you cannot withdraw the entirety of your account, and prior to reaching the 10-25 multiple of bets, you cannot withdraw any funds at all. [5]

Customers that place deposits with credit cards will be required to submit clear, legible copies of the front of all credit instruments used to deposit and the front of a valid state-issued ID. This practice is designed to protect customer's financial interests and safeguard against underage gambling.[6]


BetUS offers players deposit bonuses on their initial deposit with the company as well as subsequent "re-ups".

Daily casino promotions, free and featured contests such as betting squares and survivor pools are also available for active customers.


BetUS operates which is a mobile platform of the site. On the mobile site, players can submit sportsbook wagers as well as access the BetUS mobile casino.

Live wagering is another service offered by the bookmaker. Live wagering allows players to bet on a sporting event as it occurs. Wagering is paused during critical moments and resumed when the action on the playing field is more neutral.

Unfiltered PodcastEdit

In October, 2020 BetUS announced the agreement with the NFL Hall of Fame Super Bowl Champion Warren Sapp and NFL veteran and sports media personality Brian Jones to host BetUS Unfiltered[7] - A weekly podcast that offers hot takes, freshly baked with insider analysis, sportsbook promos and more on all the trending storylines from around the world of sports. The show has received several guests such Adam Schefter, Derrick Johnson, Ray Lewis, Kenyon Rasheed, Rick Neuheisel, Kevin Carter, Dr. Jen Welter, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Tim Brown, among others.

BetUS RadioEdit

The company once operated a radio station called BetUS Radio.[8]

Damon Durante, who has been featured on ESPN radio, Fox Sports Radio and other syndicated programs throughout North America, used to host the Radio Show.[citation needed]


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