Best of Both Worlds (Midnight Oil album)

Best of Both Worlds is a DVD-Video release of two significant concerts performed by Australian rock band Midnight Oil. The featured concerts are Oils on the Water (from 1985) and Saturday Night at the Capitol (1982). Best of Both Worlds was released in 2004 by Triple J as part of their Live at the Wireless programme.

Best of Both Worlds
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Live album by
Released5 April 2004
Length135 min (DVD) / 72:42 (CD)
LabelMidnight Oil / ABC Music
ProducerKeith Walker / Justin Heitman / Jim Moginie
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Best of Both Worlds
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Oils on the WaterEdit

Oils on the Water was staged on 13 January 1985 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Triple J, Australia's publicly owned youth radio network. This concert was performed on Sydney's Goat Island for a small audience of competition winners, and was simulcast on ABC-TV and Triple J.

This concert is included on the DVD and also as a bonus audio CD.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Best of Both Worlds"
  2. "When the Generals Talk"
  3. "Minutes to Midnight"
  4. "Sleep"
  5. "Only the Strong"
  6. "Short Memory"
  7. "Kosciuszko"
  8. "US Forces"
  9. "Jimmy Sharman's Boxers"
  10. "Back on the Borderline"
  11. "Tin-legs and Tin Mines"
  12. "Don't Wanna Be the One"
  13. "Power and the Passion"
  14. "Read about It"
  15. "Harrisburg"
  16. "Stand in Line"

Saturday Night at the CapitolEdit

An incendiary show from 1982 at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney, shot for the band by award-winning filmmaker Dave Bradbury on 27 November, 1982 for ABC radio station Triple J.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Only The Strong"
  2. "Brave Faces"
  3. "Short Memory"
  4. "Knife's Edge"
  5. "Power and the Passion"
  6. "Armistice Day"
  7. "No Time For Games"
  8. "Quinella Holiday"
  9. "Lucky Country"
  10. "Don't Wanna Be the One"
  11. "Burnie"
  12. "Powderworks"


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