List of common film awards categories

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This is a list of categories of awards commonly awarded through organizations that bestow film awards, including those presented by various film, festivals, and people's awards.

Best Actor/Best ActressEdit

Best Adapted ScreenplayEdit

A "Best Adapted Screenplay" award is generally issued for the best achievement in transferring a written work from another genre, such as a novel or comic book, in whole or in part, to a feature film.

Best Original ScreenplayEdit

Best Animated Feature FilmEdit

Best CinematographyEdit

Best Costume DesignEdit

Best DirectorEdit

Best Film EditingEdit

Best Foreign Language FilmEdit

A "Best Foreign Language Film" is generally awarded to a film originating in a country and language different from those where the award is being given.

Best MakeupEdit

Best PictureEdit

Best Production DesignEdit

Best Score (or Best Original Score)Edit

Best Song (or Best Original Song)Edit

Best SoundEdit

Best Special Effects (or Best Visual Effects)Edit

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