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Bernat Metge (Catalan pronunciation: [bəɾˈnad ˈmedʒə]; c. 1340 – 1413) was a Catalan humanist, best known as the author of Lo Somni (c. 1399).

He held a position at the court of Joan I of Aragon, and, following some troubles, once more served Martí of Aragon.[1]

His influences included the literature of Provence, Petrarch, and De vetula, wrongly attributed to Ovid and now sometimes claimed for Richard de Fournival.[2]



  • Llibre de Fortuna e Prudència (1381)
  • Ovidi enamorat
  • Valter e Griselda (1388)
  • Apologia (1395)
  • Lo somni (1399)


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