Bernat Fenollar

Bernat Fenollar, also Mossèn (Bernat de) Fenollar (Valencian Community, 1438 – Valencia, 28 February 1516) was a poet, cleric and chess player from Valencia, Spain.[1] He was an abbot (the title "Mossèn" was often given to clergymen), had a position both in Valencia Cathedral and the University of Valencia as a professor of mathematics.[2]

He is one of the authors of Scachs d'amor or Chess of Love, a poem based on a chess game between Francesc de Castellví and Narcís Vinyoles,[3] while Bernat Fenollar comments and establishes the rules.[1][4] It is the first documented game played with the modern rules of chess, at least concerning the moves of the queen and bishop.[4]


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