Bernard VI, Lord of Lippe

Bernhard VI, Lord of Lippe (c. 1370 – 1415) was a German nobleman. He was the ruling Lord of Lippe from 1410 until his death. He was the son of Simon III and his wife, Irmgard of Hoya.

Bernard VI, Lord of Lippe
Bornc. 1370
Noble familyHouse of Lippe
Spouse(s)Margaret of Waldeck-Landau
Elisabeth of Moers
FatherSimon III, Lord of Lippe
MotherIrmgard of Hoya

Marriage and issueEdit

On 28 June 1393, he married Margaret, the daughter of Count Henry VI of Waldeck-Landau. This marriage remained childless.

He remarried in 1403, to Elisabeth of Moers. They had four children together:

  • Simon IV (1404-1429), Lord of Lippe from 1415 until his death
  • Frederick (d. between 1417 and 1425)
  • Otto (died in Brake on 30 September 1433), joined the clergy
  • Irmgard (d. 17 July 1463), married c. 1428 to Lord William of Buren (d. 1461)


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Bernard VI, Lord of Lippe
Born: c. 1370 Died: 1415
Preceded by Lord of Lippe
Succeeded by