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Bernard Glemser, also known under pen-names Robert Crane[1] and Geraline Napier (1908 in London – April 3, 1990 in New York City) was a writer of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.[2] He served in the Royal Air Force as an intelligence officer during World War II, and then worked in the United States for the government of Britain for a few years. Subsequently, he devoted himself to writing, and his first novel, Love for Each Other, appeared in 1946.

One of his novels, Girl on the Wing, was made into a movie entitled Come Fly With Me (then re-issued as The Fly Girls). Glemser also used pen names—as Robert Crane, he wrote science fiction, notably Hero's Walk (1954), and as Geraline Napier, romances. In nonfiction, he wrote Man Against Cancer (1969) based on his interviews with notable cancer researchers.

Glemser's books for children, such as All About the Human Body and All About Biology, were translated into many languages and distributed in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East by UNESCO.

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