Berlin-Alexanderplatz (1931 film)

Berlin-Alexanderplatz or The Story of Franz Biberkopf (German: Die Geschichte Franz Biberkopfs) is a 1931 German drama film directed by Phil Jutzi and starring Heinrich George, Maria Bard and Margarete Schlegel. It was adapted from the 1929 novel of the same title by Alfred Döblin, who also co-wrote the screenplay.[1]

Berlin-Alexanderplatz (1931 film).jpg
Directed byPhil Jutzi
Written by
Based onBerlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin
Produced by
Edited byGeza Pollatschik
Music byAllan Gray
Distributed bySüd-Film
Release date
  • 8 October 1931 (1931-10-08)
Running time
90 minutes


George portrays a blue collar Berliner and small-time criminal recently released from prison who finds himself being drawn into the Berlin underworld of the 1920s after his prostitute lover is murdered.

"Yet, despite social upheaval, ...the good among the working class still prove able to live an honest and decent life."[2]


It was filmed on various locations around Berlin including the Alexanderplatz. Jutzi cut out much of the novel's complex story, preferring to focus on just one character.[3]

The Film Review Board released the film on September 30, 1931, but with the restriction that it was forbidden for young people. The premiere took place on October 8, 1931 in the Berlin Capitol am Zoo. The film was distributed by Südfilm AG (Berlin).[4]



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