Berkshire Concept 70

The Berkshire Concept 70, sometimes called simply the C-70, is an American, single seat, high-wing, 15 metre class competition glider that was designed by Arthur Zimmermann and produced by the Berkshire Manufacturing Corporation of Lake Swannanoa, New Jersey between 1971 and 1974.[1][2]

Concept 70
Role Glider
National origin United States
Manufacturer Berkshire Manufacturing Corporation
Designer Arthur Zimmermann
First flight 1971
Introduction 1971
Status Production ceased 1974
Produced 1971-74
Number built 21
External image
image icon Berkshire Concept 70 in the National Soaring Museum

Design and developmentEdit

The Concept 70 was intended to be a domestic US fiberglass sailplane that would compete with the best European 15 metre aircraft being produced in the late 1960s. The company started out as a fiberglass aircraft repair shop founded by Zimmermann and Wolfgang Schaer, but quickly progressed to aircraft design and construction.[1][2]

The aircraft is made from molded fiberglass, with an internal fuselage steel frame skeleton that connects the monowheel landing gear, wing fittings and provides a protective cockpit cage for improved impact survivability. The prototype has an Eppler airfoil and an all-flying horizontal stabilator. Production aircraft featured a Wortmann airfoil, a more conventional tail, and full-span flaps that deploy to 90° for glidepath control. The flaps permit very steep approaches, allowing the aircraft to be landed in small fields with obstacles. The aircraft also has retractable landing gear and was available with optional water ballast tanks with a 200 lb (91 kg) capacity.[1][2]

Production of the Concept 70 ended with 21 produced, when Zimmermann died in 1974. The aircraft was never type certified and all aircraft were registered as experimental aircraft in the Racing/Exhibition category.[1][2]

Operational historyEdit

In March 2011 there were still 14 Concept 70s registered in the US.[3]

Aircraft on displayEdit

Specifications (Concept 70)Edit

Data from Soaring[2]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one
  • Wingspan: 49 ft 3 in (15.0 m)
  • Wing area: 132 sq ft (12.3 m2)
  • Aspect ratio: 18.3
  • Airfoil: Wortmann
  • Empty weight: 550 lb (249 kg)
  • Gross weight: 875 lb (397 kg)


  • Maximum glide ratio: 39:1
  • Wing loading: 6.6 lb/sq ft (32 kg/m2)

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