Bergslagsbanans station

Bergslagsbanans station is an historic railway station in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is designated under number 21300000027694 by the Swedish National Heritage Board.

Bergslagsbanans fd station Gbg fran NV.jpg
Bergslagsbanans station in 2011
General information
Coordinates57°42′45″N 11°58′25″E / 57.7124°N 11.9737°E / 57.7124; 11.9737Coordinates: 57°42′45″N 11°58′25″E / 57.7124°N 11.9737°E / 57.7124; 11.9737
Operated bySJ AB
ArchitectAxel Kumlien and Hjalmar Kumlien
Original companyBergslagernas Järnvägar
View of the station, circa 1904.

It was designed by brothers Axel Kumlien and Hjalmar Kumlien in 1881[1] for the Bergslagernas Järnvägar (Bergslagen Railway, BJ). The crest of the BJ can be seen above the right entrance of the station; it symbolizes ironwork and was the trademark of the railway company.[2]


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