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Bergen is a village near Neuburg an der Donau, in Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, in Upper Bavaria, in Bavaria. The place is known locally as Baring. It is part of the municipality of Neuburg an der Donau.

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Bergen lies about 8 km north of Neuburg an der Donau.


Pilgrims church of the Holy Cross: Rococo frescoes by Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner, with Roman tower and Roman crypt (with the Rococo changes undertaken sensitively); Renaissance epitaph for Wilhalm von Muhr and his wife (by the sculptor Loy Hering).

History of the churchEdit

  • 787 first mention at the time of Karl the Great
  • 976 establishment by Wiltrudis
  • 27 September 988 confirmation of the establishment by Johannes XV
  • 1007 delivery of the monastery by emperor Heinrich 11th to the Bamberg diocese
  • 1095 consecration of a church new building by bishop Ulrich I of Eichstätt
  • 1155 fire destroys large parts of the church
  • 1190 consecration after re-establishment by bishop Otto von Eichstätt
  • 1542 first abolition of the monastery by Ottheinrich Pfalzgraf of Neuburg
  • 1552 final abolition of the monastery by Ottheinrich Pfalzgraf of Neuburg
  • 1618 recatholicising of Bergen
  • 1635 delivery of the church and parts of the monastery goods to the Jesuits of Neuburg
  • 1700 church and crypt are reconditioned and extended by 7 altars
  • 1755 change of the church
  • 1758 consecration of the new building by prince bishop Raimund Anton of Eichstätt
  • 1799 tower altered
  • Around 1920 renovation of the church
  • 2001-03 renewed renovation of the church

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