Berakas A, Brunei-Muara

Berakas 'A' is a mukim or subdistrict of Brunei-Muara, Brunei. It borders the mukims of Mentiri and Berakas 'B' to the east, Kianggeh to the south, Gadong 'B' to the south-west and Gadong 'A' to the west, as well as the South China Sea to the north. The community of Berakas 'A' is headed by a penghulu and the incumbent is Abdul Ahmad bin Husain.[1] In 2011, the population of Berakas 'A' was 31,180.[2]

Berakas 'A'

Mukim Berakas 'A'
Mukim (Subdistrict)
 • PenghuluAhmad Husain
 • Total31,180


Berakas 'A' is divided into sub-areas and they are designated as village-level subdivisions, the third- and lowest-level administrative divisions of Brunei, which include:[3]

Coordinates: 4°59′00″N 114°55′00″E / 4.9833°N 114.9167°E / 4.9833; 114.9167

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