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Quebec Liberal Party candidates in the 2003 Quebec provincial election

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The Quebec Liberal Party fielded a full slate of 125 candidates in the 2003 Quebec provincial election and elected seventy-six members to win a majority government in the National Assembly. Many of the party's candidates have their own biography pages; information about others may be found here.


Richelieu: Benoît LefebvreEdit

Benoît Lefebvre was born and raised in the Sorel-Tracy region of Quebec. He has a Bachelor's Degree in industrial relations and has also studied law and social services. After serving as chief of staff for the provincial Ministre délégué à la forêt, à la faune et aux parcs early in his career, he later became active in human resources management.[1] He was thirty-five years old at the time of the 2003 election and his campaign focused on economic development and health issues.[2] He received 10,927 votes (38.13%), finishing second against Parti Québécois incumbent Sylvain Simard.

Lefebvre joined the board of directors of Conporec Inc. in 2005.[1] He resigned later in the year, when he was appointed chief of staff for the provincial minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife.[3] In 2009, Lefebvre went on a trip to Machu Picchu to raise money for local charities.[4]


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